Friday, March 23, 2012

2012 Cards by Nancy

  It is April 2012, the sun is shining, and Spring is here!  My creativity is working very well now.  Below are the cards I made to give locally.
 "Special friends" is done with my
Sizzix Texture embossing machine with the
Thank You embossing folder. The next picture
is the inside of the card.  I can add a verse on
the left and sign the card on the right.
I saved it facing up but it wants to lay on it's side.

 This card was extra fun with it's match card fold.  Then I cut strips of paper to glue to the front matching light green card stock, then gluing to the front.  I'm sorry that it's laying on it's side too.  The next picture is the inside of the match card.

For this purple thank you's back ground, I put a piece of yarn in bleach and layed it in lines one way then another.  Then I used a machine purple marker and made lines by the bleached line.  You can see it better on the matching envelope below the card.  Then I embossed the white card stock with dots and pink card stock with the Thank You embossing folder.  For the Thank you embossed card, I tried to paint over it with a sponge that I dabbed on the ink pad.

 Here is a better picture of the card, hope you can see the bleached lines.  The ribbon is a black ribbon on a fancy pink ribbon.

 This flower card is made after being inspired by a Craft Card Yahoo Group's card that Trish, one of the leaders, made.  I love how the vase and flowers take up the whole card.  It leaves me no room to worry about what else I should put on the card:)  I am using this card as a sketch to other ideas, like making the vase a fish bowl with colorful fish in it and a swirly stamped background.

Below are the projects I made and worked on in January and February 2012.

My most current project is learning to Zentangle or doodle.  Below is my heart design I made and then added it to a card.

While flying to a wedding over 1,800 miles away, I worked on the following projects on the airplane.  (I will add it later, forgot that it's still on my phone).

I received a great idea from my Card Crafts Yahoo Group.  Below is my basket for my current card project.  I got this basket for $1 at a second hand store and use it to "go shopping", picking up things I want from my craft supplies.  This worked great, until my 1 year old granddaughter pulled it off the table, then everything went everywhere, ha:)  This is an obvious reminder to keep my craft supplies put away when not in use!  Thank you, Ally!